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Wood Fence Installation, St. Louis and Illinois


Belleville Fence Co.: Commercial Wood Fencing Solutions

Commercial Wooden Fence St Louis MO

Commercial Wooden Fence St Louis MO

Wood fence contractors, Belleville Fence Co., sells and installs commercial wooden fencing, customized commercial and industrial wooden fences that look great. Our flexible and versatile fencing solutions come in any style your project requires.

St Louis contractors searching for wood fence contractors near me, need search no further! Belleville Fence stands by our decorative and functional wooden fencing for commercial applications to protect your property while adding infinite curb appeal to your project. Our wooden fencing is made up of the finest fencing materials designed and installed by our union installation team.

The states of Illinois and Missouri trust Belleville Fence Co. to design and install pressure treated wooden fence, picket fencing and treated wood gate installation for a wide variety of facilities and properties. Whether you need to enclose your lot, mark a property line or accentuating your location, make the call to Belleville Fence Co: 618-233-0176.

Belleville Fence Co. works with general contractors from design through installation using the best union commercial fencing technicians and the finest fence products to create a solution that’s right for your project and budget.

When the fence required for a large property or a small enclosure needs to have a stunning appearance and reasonable fencing costs, general contractors rely on Belleville Fence Co.

Learn more about the many types of fence solutions we offer, including: Barbed Wire and Security FenceCommercial Chain Link FenceCommercial Wood FenceDumpster EnclosuresOrnamental FencesTemporary Construction FenceVinyl Commercial Fence.

For more information, contact us at: 618-233-0176.


Why Choose Wood Fencing?


When it comes to choosing the right fencing material for your property, the options can seem endless. From vinyl and metal to composite materials, there’s no shortage of choices out there. However, one option that has stood the test of time and continues to be a favorite among homeowners is wood fencing. With its natural beauty, versatility, and timeless appeal, wood fencing offers numerous benefits that make it an attractive choice for any property. Whether you’re looking to enhance privacy, add curb appeal, or simply define your outdoor space with a touch of elegance, wood fencing has got you covered.

  • Durability: Long-lasting and low-maintenance option
  • Versatility: Can be crafted into various styles and designs
  • Natural beauty: Enhances the aesthetic appeal of any property
  • Customization options: Can be stained or painted to match personal preferences
  • Cost-effectiveness: Affordable compared to other fencing materials
  • Environmental friendliness: Sustainable and renewable resource

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