Of all the elements of a business or commercial parking lot that should never be overlooked or skimped on security fencing and security gates top the list. Think about it, your parking lots and parking garages are your business’s first line of defense and security.

Not only that, but your business patrons, visitors and employees rely on the security of your parking area to protect one of their most costly and personal investments – their automobiles. With this in mind Belleville Fence Co., the leader among Southern Illinois and St Louis’ commercial fence contractors invites you to learn more about the security and attractive options for security fencing for parking lots, driveway security gates, dumpster enclosures and more by calling us to discuss your project at: 618-233-0176

Security and Privacy Fences for Parking Lots

Parking lot gate and parking lot fence.Depending upon the nature of your business, surrounding area, size of your parking lot and nature of your traffic flow, as a business owner you will want to consider all the options for types of fences available from decorative wrought iron fencing to chain link fence, vinyl privacy fence and more.

We have experience installing all types of parking barriers, wire fences, fences composed of individual fence panels even attractive picket fence to suit every business type.

Security is What We Sell

Whatever your desired level of security, Belleville Fence Co. is ready to furnish you with a list of options that will fit your objectives and your budget. Remember, we install prison fencing as well as security fences around high security operations in the Southern Illinois and St Louis area. When it comes to high security for impound yards and municipal police stations, the St Louis metro east relies upon Belleville Fence Co.

If you’ve been searching for the best chain link fence installers near me in the St Louis or Southern Illinois area, look no further. We are trusted by prison systems, municipalities, IDOT and MODOT in both states. We sell, install and stand behind everything from barbed wire fence enclosures to double driveway gates and all the systems that come together to ensure privacy, security and accessibility for your parking lot, parking garage or driveway.

Hi Tech Options for Security Fencing and Driveway Gates

All of our metal gates for driveways can be fitted with access control systems that allow key card, coded entry or even remote control equipment to ensure that what’s in side stays safe. All of our fence and barrier gate options allow you to know that you’ve covered all your security bases with reliable, foolproof access options that comply with insurance codes and building codes.

Other Parking Lot Fence Options

The Beauty and Functionality of Dumpster Enclosures

Besides barriers to keep people out of your parking area, we also sell, install and service all types of barriers that can be installed within the space of your parking lot or facility. We can design and install guardrails, bollards and barriers to safely guide traffic through your parking area while keeping people and vehicles safe.

We also design and sell functional and attractive dumpster enclosures to contain trash, allow pickup from sanitation trucks and minimize intrusions from pests and other dumpster divers. Whether you’re looking for an enclosure that matches the pressure treated wood of your privacy fencing, powder coated metal that lasts for decades or something customized to match the decor of surrounding architecture, we can handle the job.

Why Choose Belleville Fence Co. For Your Parking Lot Fence?

Belleville Fence Co. only does commercial fencing. We have been in business, serving the needs of businesses, state and local municipalities, athletic organizations and general contractors for over half a century. We provide the finest union labor to install our fences and stand behind everything we do. We are the go-to Southern Illinois and Commercial St Louis Fence Co in the area.

To learn more about how Belleville Fence Co. can make your project a reality, on budget and on deadline, call us today, at: 618-233-0176