Aluminum Fence Repair Companies

Aluminum Fence Repair CompaniesBelleville Fence Company, and other Illinois and St Louis commercial fence installation companies who provide aluminum and chain link fence, iron fence, metal fence and wood fences for commercial, industrial and municipal security are often called upon to perform commercial fence repair.

While it is often times feasible, in the commercial and industrial world to call upon chain link fence repair companies or wooden fence repair companies to service fences that have degraded due to storm damage, being struck by vehicles or types of vandalism, we also find that many types of catastrophic damage simply reveals a situation where the fence is outdated, rotten, badly constructed or otherwise unable to be repaired.

Repair or Replace Your Commercial Fence?

Repairing a fence that should be replace is often times a case of throwing good money at a problem that should be solved with an investment in doing the job over and doing it right. When business owners or contractors call on us after a Google search for “wooden fence repairs near me” we begin by asking about the date of original fence construction, the fence construction materials and even the original fence contractor who installed the fence.

If the fence is recently installed and the job was done right, the fence materials are still relatively new, it might be a good idea to repair the fence and gate and any other damaged areas.

However, often times, after analyzing the application that the fence is meant to achieve, the age of original materials and the quality of the original installation job, we determine that it is simply time to replace the old fence with something made of better materials, using designs that are better suited to the job and if this is the case we suggest new wooden or aluminum fence installation.

Selecting a Commercial Fence Contractor

On top of our own analysis of the original fence, local licensing and ordinances often determine that a more stable, new fence is in order. In a case like this we suggest that you contact a fencing contractor such as Belleville Fence Co., check their credentials and reviews and settle on a company that is highly recommended to offer you a wide variety of fencing options ranging from wrought iron to aluminum to chain link to vinyl and even able to install protective guard rails and entry gates.

Perform a background check on any fencing contractors you are considering and get a feel for the type of customer service you can expect by speaking to their representatives and asking all the questions you have in mind.