For those seeking increased security, the inclusion of barbed or razor wire fencing can prove to be a valuable addition to your business. Barbed wire fencing is constructed from heavy wires with exposed sharp points, while razor wire fencing consists of sharpened steel tape strips. Although typically linked with prisons, these types of fencing can also enhance security for various commercial enterprises. Below are some businesses that may benefit from the use of razor wire fencing.

Construction Sites

A construction yard benefits from the practicality of a chain-link fence equipped with top and bottom barbed rails, as it serves as an effective deterrent against climbing and tunneling. Given the valuable assets present, such as high-quality building materials, expensive construction equipment, and heavy-duty vehicles, protection is essential. For those in the Metro East area seeking a reliable fence company in Belleville, this type of security solution is crucial.

Auto Repair Shops

Auto repair shops require robust security measures due to the high cost and superior quality of cars, as well as the valuable diagnostic equipment. It is essential to protect customers’ belongings from theft, making it crucial for repair shops to have adequate defense. While not as extensive as a construction yard’s fence, many repair shops opt for chain-link fencing with tubular metal. This type of fencing, featuring barbed wire instead of razor wire at the top, presents a less intimidating appearance for customers. For those in the Metro East area looking for these security solutions, Belleville Fence Company offers suitable options.

Pharmacies And Veterinarian Offices

In operating a pharmacy or veterinarian office in the St. Louis area, it’s crucial to protect your valuable inventory from theft. However, it’s also important to balance this with ensuring that your customers feel safe and comfortable. While you don’t want them to feel intimidated, you can’t afford to compromise on the security of your business. One option is to consider installing discreet razor wire fencing, which provides effective protection without being overly conspicuous to visitors.

Commercial Farm Sites

Employing a barbed-wire fence is an effective way to create a boundary between your commercial farm and adjacent properties. This is crucial for preventing any legal responsibility in case your livestock stray onto neighboring land. Nonetheless, if you have worries about the safety of children, we can aid you in locating an alternative commercial fencing solution that aligns with your particular needs.

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