As a commercial fence installation business in St Louis and Southern Illinois, we are often greeted with the question of whether or not chain link fencing is right for many commercial applications. As one of the leading fence companies St Louis goes to for commercial, municipal, sports and security fencing solutions, we are uniquely qualified to discuss the way chain link can be used in commercial projects.

Aluminum Chain Link Fence St Louis

Aluminum Chain Link Fence St Louis

The Safety and Security of Chain Link Fencing

From IDOT to MODOT to State Prisons to businesses, Illinois and Missouri relies on chain link fencing because it works. Chain link fencing quite simply keeps people, pets, vehicles and other factors out of areas you want to restrict, within areas you want to contain, and it does so consistently for years and even decades.

Simply put, chain link fencing is strong and weather resistant as well as being a formidable barrier against tampering and it most commonly meets State and local community guidelines when protective fencing is called for.

The Aesthetics of Chain Link Fence

Often times one concern of general contractors is whether or not aluminum chain link is attractive enough for settings where looks matter. Let us put your mind at ease. This type of fencing has come a long way over the years. Many of the large well established fence manufacturers now offer wire fences that are covered in attractive colored materials ranging from paints to rubbers to plastics.

Thus aluminum fence no longer has to have the old metallic patina. Not only is adding a coating to your fence a good idea because it make it look better, it also adds a weather proof covering that will add decades to its life. We often hear people asking: is chain link fence aluminum, because of the many colors, varieties and textures that it is now available in. Answer: Yes, chain link fencing is most commonly made of either aluminum or galvanized steel. It can be covered with other materials as cosmetics, price and application dictates.

Not only is color and material a concern when it comes to commercial and residential demand for fencing options. Many construction companies are rediscovering that proper chain link fence construction might call for slats, colored windscreens, composite noise panels and other add ons that will block out intruding eyes and even noise.

Chain Link Fencing is Flexible and Fast!

Chain link means flexibility in more ways than one! It can be assembled in a temporary situation faster than most other fencing options. We are often called upon to provide construction sites with temporary fencing options and one of the most reached for types of fencing is chain link.

Belleville Fence Co. provides the fencing St Louis and Southern Illinois needs when they need it. And part of the key to our ability to quickly, securely erect temporary or construction fencing hinges on our use of this type of fencing.

Temporary Fence Installation Business St Louis

Temporary Fence Installation Business St Louis

Chain Link Fence Is Appropriate for Many Commercial Fencing Applications

In summary it’s important to recognize that in the construction industry, in the security industry and in most other industries chain link is an option to be considered whenever it’s necessary to run a fence for security, privacy or aesthetic reasons. The relatively low price means that building fences using this method doesn’t have to break the bank.

To discuss your fencing requirements, please call us at: 618-233-0176 We’d love to show you how Belleville Fence Company can provide you with security and beauty at the right price. We keep your project on budget and on time.